Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED)

Women’s Business Day should be every day, as reported by the organization WED. Officially, International Women’s Business Day is celebrated on November 19. It aims to reach out, promote and celebrate women’s businesses around the world. WED is the world’s most widespread celebration of women initiators, innovators, start-ups, who transform ideas into life and have the entrepreneurial spirit to enhance their surroundings. Although women produce 66% of their work worldwide, they earn only 10% of their worldwide income. At the same time, they make 85% of all consumer purchases and control $20 trillion of global spending.

An international initiative

WED is supported and celebrated in 144 countries, another 110 universities around the world join the celebrations too. Overall, this project has a reach of 1.4 million people. Targeted meetings are held annually between 19 and 28 November in all participating countries that are involved in this activity and which is supported by the UN.

ČMAPM is the ambassador of WED in the Czech Republic and has held meetings for women in Prague (Žofín), Brno, Nový Jičín.

Choose women!

The International Women’s Day includes a campaign called “Choose Women”, and the Czech Ambassador is again ČMAPM. The campaign is carried out annually in many countries and, in addition to giving priority to products and services that are produced  by women and their own businesses on that day, the campaign aims to highlight women’s poverty, because it is women who are the most endangered group by poverty at the end of their lives.

This, of course, has a great social and societal impact. WED’s mission is, therefore, to support 4 billion women worldwide, while also being a catalyst for the change and helping 250 million girls around the world who live in poverty.

Every year, ČMAPM join the celebrations of the World Women’s Business Day.

The WED Ambassador for the Czech Republic is the President of ČMAPM, Mrs Kateřina Haring.


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