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ČMAPM is a voluntary professional association that has been associating women entrepreneurs and managers with the help of its regional clubs since 1995. We are an association with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic and with the largest functional network at the regional, national and international level.

Membership is open to both regular / honorary members of the association and companies of all sizes who want to support the growth and importance of an environment focused not only on developing the personal and creative potential of members in fulfilling their professional goals, but also on exchanging experiences between entrepreneurs and managers.

From partner events with other women’s organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad to professional development meetings, from round tables with leading business leaders to social gatherings, we offer many opportunities to participate in activities that enable professional growth.

Among other things, we help members get the most out of the association’s association with the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (FCEM) (Femmes Chefs d‘Entreprises Mondiales)


Project Youth Laser Coaching

The primary purpose of the program is to activate the best qualities you already have. If the imbalance affects your well-being, productivity and takes away your energy, then this program is the way to a solution.


The CHOOSE WOMEN campaign helps small businesswomen to become more widely known. Together with the public, ČMAPM supports local businesses owned by women with the help of the project. Get involved today!

Podnikatelka Podcast

In the Podnikatelka podcast, ČMAPM president Kateřina Haring talks to inspiring women not only from the world of business every week.

Project Women 50+

The new ČMAPM Women 50+ project is focused on self-education and professional and personal development of women in the 50+ age group.

Become a member of the Association of Businesswomen and Managers

Be part of a community that helps you grow. We cooperate with other women’s organizations at home and abroad, we organize educational and networking events as well as meetings with business leaders from various fields.

Membership is open to businesswomen of all sizes and to companies that want to support their female managers in their further development.

The Czech-Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers was established in 1995. The association is the longest-running association of women entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic and represents women from eight regions who want to share their experiences with other women entrepreneurs and managers. In 2000, the association organized the first international conference for Czech and Slovak entrepreneurs and managers entitled “Woman – the creative personality of the third millennium”. In 2016, Prague hosted an international conference of the World Association of Women and Entrepreneurs (FCEM), during which ČMAPM celebrated 20 years since its founding. This was followed by the election of the new president of the association, who became Kateřina Haring in 2016, when she replaced the current honorary president of the association, Olga Girstlová. In 2020, the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers celebrated 25 years of operation in the Czech Republic.

We help women start businesses and grow


Sharing, success, cooperation, friendship – these are just some of the association’s values. The members exchange experiences, knowledge, thoughts and ideas with each other, with all the women who are a part of it, regardless of age, experience, or life and business stage they are currently in. An important and self-evident part of the association is friendship and help, without which no cooperation can develop successfully in the long term.


Members are provided with direct business and other contacts that help them in business development and other activities. The association thus strives for targeted cross selling and support of female members. Meetings take place as part of the activities of individual regional clubs, at nationwide events or during the organization of international congresses, conferences and trade missions.

International cooperation

ČMAPM is a member of the worldwide association of female entrepreneurs FCEM and an ambassador of the international Women’s Entrepreneurship Day WED. Our members thus have a unique opportunity to gain foreign experience and business partners around the world.

regional clubs

ČMAPM operates throughout the Czech Republic as part of regional clubs that provide individual support to members and a business community directly at the place of business. Regional clubs organize their own meetings and thus complement the offer of nationwide and international events. ČMAPM regional clubs are located in Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Olomouc, Nové Jičín, Bruntál, Zlín and Svitavy.


Through its activities, ČMAPM participates in the creation of an ethical business environment and positively influences the public environment. She is undoubtedly the voice of female entrepreneurs, which can be heard not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. At the same time, it creates the environment and organizational conditions for awarding the best female entrepreneurs and managers at the level of the regions and the entire country, thus also outside the territory of the Czech Republic.


ČMAPM is the longest-running association of businesswomen in the Czech Republic. Since 2000, the association has regularly organized an international conference for businesswomen and managers. In 2016, Prague hosted the international conference of the Global Association of Women and Entrepreneurs (FCEM). In 2020, the association of businesswomen and managers celebrated 25 years of its activity in the Czech Republic.

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We help women do business and grow



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