The Czech-Moravian Association of Businesswomen and Managers is a non-political volunteer organization, founded in 1995, which operates in all parts of the Czech Republic. The Association networks women who help other entrepreneurs, executives and managers to find jobs while combining it not only with family life, but also with their personal development. As the only association of its kind in the Czech Republic, we are a member of the International Association of Businesswomen and Managers of FCEM.

We help women to do business and grow

Sharing, success, cooperation, friendship – these are the principal values of the association. The members exchange experiences, knowledge, thoughts and ideas with all women who are part of it, regardless of age, experience, or the life and business stages they are in. An important and obvious part of the association is friendship and help, as without them no cooperation can be developed successfully.

The members are provided with direct business and other contacts, which help them not only in the development of business, but also in other activities and the association thus seeks targeted cross selling and support of the members. The meetings take place within the framework of the activities of individual regional clubs, which are currently in Prague, Ostrava, Brno, Olomouc, Nový Jičín, Bruntál, Zlín and Svitavy. Besides, there are also national events, international congresses, conferences and trade missions organized by the association every year.

Through its activities, the association participates in creating an ethical business environment, positively affects the public environment and is undoubtedly the voice of female entrepreneurs, which can be heard not only in the Czech Republic, but also outside the Czech Republic. At the same time, it creates the environment and organizational conditions for the valuation of the best female entrepreneurs and managers at the level of regions and the whole country and abroad.

The most significant activities include the Growing Together project supported by the South Moravian Region, discussions at Žofín in Prague as part of the Women’s Mixer, Networking of Czech and Slovak businesswomen and International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day.


Českomoravská asociace podnikatelek a manažerek o.s.
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