Today’s generation of young women is open, creative and many ever wise. He wants to enjoy what he does and devote enough time to himself. It is not at all easy to go beyond the comfort zone, abandon old habits, learn to love oneself and define what will lead to change. Coaching brings choice and conscious creation of one’s own life.

The primary purpose of the “Youth Laser Coaching” program is to activate the best qualities you have. If the imbalance affects your well-being, productivity and energy, then the way to a solution is #CmapmYouthLaserCoaching.

What will the program bring you?

Awareness of one’s own values and needs, saving time and increasing efficiency, improving communication and relationships.The coach is not a guru who explains what you should do, but he is a professional who will guide you through the process of finding different solutions and help you set up the first steps. This can be the biggest challenge. Everything takes place in complete discretion and what you say to each other will forever remain only between you and the coach.

What is Laser Coaching?

This is a short 45-minute coaching that we focus on one goal. Short meetings are perfect for finding ways to unlock thought patterns that sabotage your daily life, work or business.The first introductory meeting usually lasts 30 minutes. There is no training at this meeting. It is designed to acquaint the coach and the participant of the program and also to identify her needs.

What is the difference between laser coaching and conventional coaching?

Laser coaching is focused on quickly solving problems or challenges you have at the moment and disrupts your daily life.

Classic coaching is a relationship between the coachee and the coach (approximately 5 – 10 meetings), which through dialogue and the way of acting creates such an environment that makes it easier for you to achieve long-term goals and at the same time brings you pleasure.

How is coaching different from mentoring?

The role of the coach is to direct the coachee in a certain direction with the right questions and let him come to the desired answers. Through sharing his own experiences and lessons learned from the past, the mentor is able to guide the client in a way that will facilitate the opportunities for his mentees to develop or develop personally.

Ing. Eva Usai Blumental

professional coach and mentor
The guarantor of the program Youth Laser Coaching

Certified Coach, Accreditation EIA20218875 Practitioner awarded by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council – EMCC Global

I help write your own stories in which your future plays a major role. Coaching with me provides an opportunity to realize the opportunities that can begin the process of change in certain areas of your life.

I focus on topics that clients bring themselves: career growth, work-life balance, time management and priority setting, development of negotiation and presentation skills, people management, strengthening communication skills and creativity, personal growth, what I want and what I do not want to do, strengthening self-awareness, conflict management.

Long-term work (more than 20 years) in leading management positions in international companies allows me not only to support my clients, but also to motivate them effectively and empathetically. The decades I have spent in top international corporations with a focus on high performance, I can now value for the benefit of my clients.

Mgr. Blanka Hudecová, PCC

professional coach

I am a professional coach with managerial experience in marketing and HR, a member of ICF. I have been focusing on the development of individuals and teams for  a long time. My coaching approach is supportive and direct, I keep my attention on achieving the client’s goal.

Partnership with managers, team leaders and highly motivated employees is the basis for our work. Together we discover the best you have in you, we look for solutions for development and change. I coach in Czech and English.

Ing. Dagmar Zorková, Ph.D.

professional coach

I help people make their lives not only successful but also in balance.

I focus on life coaching, which deals with all areas of life, it can be business, career, personal development, relationships, energy, work with mind and emotions, work-life balance. Just about everything that is important to you in life in the long run or currently.

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